Universal Nutcracker
About Universal Nutcracker

The Universal Nutcracker is a commercial grade, industrial strength, high volume and quality shelling machine that can crack a variety of nuts round, oval, flat or irregular; including Hazelnuts, Walnuts (of all kinds), Macadamia Nuts, Hickory, Pine Nuts, Pistachios, Peach Pits and much more.

From nut tree, to shelling hopper, to bin, it shells nuts faster than any other machine available, making it the most productive machine for all levels of nut tree farming.

All of our machines are made from 3/8” thick high grade A 36 steel, Stainless Steel, Sheet Metal and (or) thick Aluminum with the finest quality of material and workmanship. There are absolutely no plastic parts on our machines. Our machines are built to last a lifetime. No maintenance is required. The bearings are sealed so no oil or greased is required. The machines are built so you virtually never need service or have maintenance costs with normal use.

Please Note: Stand not
included with cracker.
  • Heavy duty and safe
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased quality, recovers more high value nut meat
  • Adds value to your crop
  • Nutcracker is portable, able to stand alone or be integrated into assembly line production
  • One year warranty on all parts

Note: You get your highest yield of nutmeat wholes/halves with our cracker is when you dry the nut to less than 8% moisture. Sorting the nuts to size is preferred for best results before cracking. If a nut doesn’t crack, send it through again at a tighter setting.

We would be glad to test crack any kind of product you are working with. Just send us at least 5 lbs. and we will video it for you to watch.

Note: While our nutcrackers are the most efficient at retrieving a high yield of whole kernels, our Shell Separator Model 1740SS is superior at separating the nut meat from the shell!

Universal Nutcracker is a patented machine and can be integrated to fit your specifications/needs.

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